Eczema Treatment

Plant based, dual action of clearing infection and soothing skin for people suffering from Eczema


  • A new bath product targeting children and adults with eczema
  • Has a dual action of clearing infection and soothing the skin
  • Unitized delivery of controlled volume consisting of 2-parts;
    • 1x Bactericidal solution
    • 1x DBS plant-based oil formula
  • Ensured correct & safe delivery of dosage
  • The bactericidal solution is also antiviral and sporicidal
  • The bactericidal solution is not susceptible to antimicrobial resistance


  • In acute exacerbations, Daily
  • As things settle, taper to 1 x weekly bath


Asteatosis / Eczema Treatment

Plant based oil nourisher for dry, itchy skin & people suffering from Eczema


  • Developed as a bath/shower oil nourisher
  • A single application in the bath or shower
  • Suitable for Dry, itchy skin and Eczema sufferers
  • Contains added anti-inflammatory extracts
  • Improved penetrance into the skin
  • Most bath oils and moisturisers prescribed for atopic eczema are based on paraffin oil and most contain lanolin which patients may become allergic to
  • No problems with irritation


Acne Treatment

Plant based cream to reduce Acne causing Sebum production on the skin

Acne Treatment Development

  • Identified 15 plant compounds for further investigation and testing
  • Initial focus on sebostatic and Anti-microbial efficacy

Acnefire Product

  • We have identified plant compounds which have been shown to inhibit 5a-reductase type 1
  • Our target is to produce a sebostatic cream to reduce primarily oily skin and reduce the prevalence of Acne